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The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit
Frank Saxton (559) 577-2256 franks@attitude.com www.earthprayers.net Photographer-Philosopher Center and Balance Sound Therapy Facilitator, Centered Spirit Drum and Flute Circle
I grew up in the Eastern Sierra region of California, where I developed a deep respect for the ecosphere we call Earth.  I am currently helping develop the art of Earth Photography, which is a way of looking at the world around us to find the beauty in each Earth event.  (Earth events may range from a cloud pushed into a remarkable shape by the wind, to the pause of a butterfly on a branch or rock, to ripples on the water, to the fall of light on a mountainside or reflected on a window.)  It is my hope that through this work you might develop and appreciate the vision and connections that will help you maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit, and be a good steward for the Earth. I have noticed the increased levels of stress related illnesses in our modern society and so I have begun a practice in centering and balancing sound treatments.  I use Moyo drums as the vibrational instrument to provide soothing chiming tones during the exercise.  I offer basic lessons in Native American style flute for a $10.00 fee.  I have Mountain Breeze flutes made by Dennis Bell available for use during the lessons and also for sale.  The purchase price includes a free lesson.  I use Mountain Breeze flutes because they are exceptionally well voiced and because the flutes have a comparatively easy reach, making them good beginner flutes. On the last or first Saturday of each month at 10:00 am at The Center, we have a gathering and I facilitate the Centered Spirit Drum and Flute Circle.  All are welcome, from younglings to elders and beginners to adepts, and we do have extra instruments.  Come and help us build a community of fellowship and music as we help keep the universe in balance.  Check the Center calendar on the home page to confirm the dates.