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The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit
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Starsong - Music of the Soul    I offer Toning and Spiritual Song healing.  Music is vibration and vibration affects the energy fields surrounding the body.  Results can be physical strengthening or relief, emotional release and/or spiritual centering.  Each session is individual to the person. Conversations with Faye Come for tea, a light snack and good conversation.  The topic might be alternative health,  a world without war, or your personal questions about spiritual growth matters.  We may discuss what heaven is like, do you think there are really aliens (ET) among us, or talk about what 'Holistic' means to you.       If you enjoy such discussions in a comfortable setting where people respect each other, please come.  To be advised of the next Conversation, please sign up for The Center Newsletter or The Center Meet- Up. State-Of-The-Art Computer Services and Training      State-Of-The-Art offers bookkeeping and other business support services for small business owners who do not need full-time help   Many of you find the long hours of financial recordkeeping and bookkeeping to be confusing and time-consuming and an added stress in your life. Using over 30 years of varied business experience, I supply that help on a part-time basis at affordable rates.  Quickbooks Set-up and Training is also available.  I have been interested in holistic health for several years.  Believing that we are not assembly-line people, I have been interested in learning about and educating others on the many choices available in healthcare and spiritual growth.  From 2002-2014 I served as  Executive Director of Wellness Connections, supporting the efforts of all our members in educating the public about wellness practices   I made many dear friends during that time.  That experience encouraged me to keep the WC Calendar News going when Wellness Connections ended.