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The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit
Diane Enderson (559) 960-0211 diane@diane-healer.com diane-healer.com Healer Director, Academy of Excellence
Energy Healing I have been working with energy for thirty years. I specialize in the ability to look beyond the normal levels of perception into the subtle energy fields of each individual. In this way, I am able to tune into energy and assist you in releasing the emotional, spiritual and physical problems that cause pain, injuries and illness. Sometimes, we seem to make the same mistakes over and over again, or repeat dysfunctional patterns without knowing how to change. By reading the energy field that surrounds each of us, I can assist you to make positive changes in your life and move into a deeper understanding of yourself and why you make the choices you do. After releasing old patterns, you can then replace them with how you would like to be, giving body, mind and spirit a healthy place from which to move forward. If you are feeling stuck in your personal or professional life or are experiencing anxiety, depression, anger or fear, this work may help you move through and shift into a more positive, healthy place very quickly. This work begins your spiritual journey into self-awareness. It allows you to become more of who you really are, allowing you to find your true self and get in touch with how you feel. Sometimes we have collected so much of everyone else's feelings and thoughts that we lose touch with who we really are. Finding your light can be life changing. Background and Experience I was born and raised in the Great Lakes region of Ohio. After art school, I started my journey, traveling and searching for myself. When I was young, I always felt that I was different, I did not know about energy, auras or chakras, but I could see and feel things others could not. This made me different and sent me out into the world searching for answers. I took the hard road, learning throught experience, spending a lot of time in anger, fear or depression. When I met the Shaman who became my first teacher, my life changed. I spent ten years traveling the world, learning to go deeper within myself for the answers I was seeking. As we traveled, we worked on people from all walks of life, with every physical and emotional dysfunction you can imagine. It was wonderful training. I am greatful that I can continue expanding my consciousness through my present enlightened relationship. I have spent the last 24 years doing my own healing work with clients and continue to grow personally. I opened The Center for Body, Mind and Spirit in Clovis, California in 2003. I see clients for individual sessions at the Center in Fresno as well as in Livermore and San Jose. I teach classes on self-realization, spirituality and energy and I am the owner and director of the Academy of Excellence.  I am presently in the process of writing books on energy and healing.