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The Center Bridging Body, Mind and Spirit
Dr. Art Capperauld, DC, CCWFN (559) 240-1504 FAX: (559) 641-5302 www.conceptsforhealth.com Chiropractor Certified Clinician Whole Foods Nutrition
I am a chiropractor with a specialty in Clinical Nutrition. I use non-traditional and unconventional therapies, testing and treatments. I couple this with diet and lifestyle changes that are tailored to your specific health concerns, to help you to achieve and maintain optimum health. I have degrees in human biology, Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Clinician of Whole Food Nutrition (CCWFN) and have expanded my knowledge with 1000’s of hours of post graduate study. I has fine tuned these unique processes through 24 years of clinical experience and tens of thousands of people asking for advice to create the kind of support you will receive at my office at The Center. I work with and listen to you in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Together as a team, we will create a plan to enable you to reach your health goals as quickly as possible. I believe this unique team approach which is critical to your success as a patient has led to a high success rate. This success is the reason I started Concepts For Health which now has an office at The Center. I am very excited to be associated with The Center. I understand and appreciate what the different practitioners offer to help move people to a state of health. I will also be starting a lecture series called “The Manifestation of Health” at The Center. In this series, I will discuss what it takes to create and maintain health. This series is a must for anyone having health issues and concerns. Please stay tuned for dates and times. I look forward to assisting you in achieving high levels of vitality, awareness, longevity, and health. info@conceptsforhealth.com www.conceptsforhealth.com